Split with Empty Hall Of Fame

by Burning Steps

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It's a split album with czech hardcore punk band Empty Hall Of Fame recorded in Easthill Records studio in Trinec, CZ in february 2010 and released on august 14th 2010.


released August 14, 2010

Pajda: Vocals
Barty: Guitar
Vojta: Guitar
Mario: Bass
Jenik: Drums

Venca: Sound engineer, producer



all rights reserved


Burning Steps Ústecký, Czech Republic

BOOKING: burning.steps@centrum.cz


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Track Name: OSA-ssholes
You guys cannot take what's ours,
Our only hope and dream,
You carry them away.

It's not just your fucking game,
You race for profit now,
Take your shit and leave.

What once was innocent,
You turned to dirt for money,
So cash your fucking pride,

How does it feel inside,
To create something bleeding,
and watch it die.

REF: But I'm not yours,
So take your fucking hands off me,
Buried alive,
Deep under ground just to be free.

Do you hear songs of all your freedom,
It's coming out for you.

You're sorry in the end,
For all destroyed music,
And you won't make it through.
Track Name: Shadow Of Fear
Fuck you all sitting home and talking shit,
We're alone and used to it, nothing cross our way.
You all say you are part of hardcore scene,
But you are doing nothing, fuck anything you say.

Fuck you all, listen to you everyday,
I'm gonna make it my own way, fuck your fascist rules.
We don't care - generation next to be,
You're too fucking old to see hardcore in our hearts.

REF: I hope new generation comes,
And save this dying style,
Start with going to the shows,
It maybe takes a while.
Track Name: Kill The Security
Fuck you! You think you're something more,
You lost the sense of meaning of hardcore,
You'll probably make it high!

What's up, you violent piece of shit?
Your boss is a fucking hypocrite,
He just forgot what it was back then.

Can you just do something about this fucking mess?
Give me just a reason, what do you feel?
Open your eyes!

Back then choice was up to me,
Hardcore shows would set me free,
Now some fuckheads took control.

The kids are wanna be having fun,
Not to watch dicks with gun,
They don't like you at all!

Open your eyes!
Track Name: The Last Song On Earth
REF: Is it something real,
Behind all these tears?
Can you hear that cry,
When last song has died?

We could make a change,
We could make that fucking change!

Everything falls apart,
No more songs tonight,
Silently go away,
Start a final fight.

It's not a big deal to say what you feel,
It doesn't matter when you gave up the fight,
When I am dying, at least I'm trying,
And now I guess how do you sleep at night.

Final resistance,
Last song to go,
Battle although lost -
The sweetest thing I know.
Track Name: Throw Away Your Fucking Crosses
I can't believe it,
You play for salvation,
It's pretty fucked up!

Playing for Jesus,
You celebrate mass kiling,
And you call it hardcore.
Give me a reason for this shit!

We don't believe your christian punk,
This is not what we are,
You're fucking shit, you're scarred to live,
You blame it on the sky.

When you start hating queers and sex and fun and freedom?
What the fuck?
So throw away your fucking crosses, burn them down,
To the ground.

You act like nice guys,
You give me fucking sickness,
You fucking poseurs!
Life is hard, get used to it!

You got a deal, big music corporation,
You're fucking stars, no-one can hate the christians,
Stop preaching shit from church and television!

Throw away your fucking crosses!